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Discover the variety of our grazing offers

Grazing table

The original form of the Australian trend! You can order our grazing tables as a buffet or runner. They contain cheese variations made from cow's, sheep's and goat's milk, charcuterie, sourdough baguette, breadsticks and crackers, nuts, dried fruits and fresh fruit, antipasti and various seasonal, homemade dips and chutneys.

We also offer our Grazing Table as a brunch. This contains croissants, bagels, banana bread, cheese variations, avocado, egg, salmon, charcuterie, jams and chutney.

Alternatively, you can put together a grazing table yourself from our plates (“Do It Yourself”). Of course, our cups, boats, dips and other extras can also be easily integrated.

Of course, it is possible to make the tables completely or partially vegetarian or vegan. Simply tell us the number of vegetarians and vegans! We use greenery such as eucalyptus to decorate our grazing tables.

Can be booked as a full meal for groups of 20 or more
or as an appetizer/snack for 30 to 40 people

Grazing Boards

Our grazing boards are a flexible and modular catering solution for every occasion. Individual grazing boards are ideal for smaller celebrations and gatherings; for larger events, several plates create a beautiful, varied grazing buffet. The boards are delivered in a box, are easy to transport, completely ready to serve and fit in standard refrigerators.

Grazing Boxes

Our grazing boxes are available in different sizes. They are perfect for convivial picnics or for treating yourself to culinary delights. They are also the ideal gift for birthdays or an unusual surprise for employees in the home office or during production.

Grazing Cups

Our grazing cups are handy appetizers and can be filled with any selection of cheese, charcuterie and antipasti - classic, vegetarian or vegan. They are ideal for a casual summer party in your company's courtyard or as canapés at a wedding. We can also easily brand the cups with your company logo.

DIY - Grazing Board Kit

With the Feasts of Eden DIY Grazing Board Kit you will receive all the ingredients and step-by-step instructions to create your own grazing board in the Feasts of Eden style in no time - no matter where you are in Germany.

Extras and Gifts

In addition to our grazing offers, you can add additional products such as our homemade chutneys, sourdough baguettes and olives or embroidered linen bags, vouchers and postcards to your order. For example, add a handwritten postcard to your grazing box for your employees!


We have a large selection of drinks that we can also supply to your catering - from lemonades, juices and water to wines, beers and cocktails.